Chios Images

The images on this page by Eirik J. Solheim may be used freely for promoting the non-profit work of helping refugees – as long as the copyright tag is kept visible.

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Silkfactory CEO Janne Hegna has been volunteering helping refugees on Chios since January 15, 2016. She worked as the Chios coordinator of the Norwegian NGO Drop in the Ocean (DrĂ¥pen i Havet) until mid October 2016. Janne is still on Chios – working hard as always – at the moment focusing primary on women, children and especially vulnerable refugees – cooperating with various organisations, including Action From Switzerland and CESRT, as well as with the local Greek authorities. Eirik has visited Chios many times to document the situation.

John Slade (author) and Eirik J. Solheim (images) have made a book about refugees and volunteers on Chios that you can preview and buy at Amazon…